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Family Eye Care Services
Annual Eye Care: What Is A Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Eye Exams at Duncan Eye CareMost optometrists recommend annual comprehensive eye exams for everyone. Blurry vision and the need for an updated prescription shouldn't be the only reasons to visit your eye doctor regularly. Did you know that diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, and cardiovascular disease are just a few of the many medical conditions that may begin with symptoms in the eyes? Make a comprehensive eye exam an essential component of your annual healthcare program.

A comprehensive eye exam includes a detailed medical and ocular history, eye pressure check, visual acuity evaluation, visual field screening, muscle balance testing, auto-refraction, determination of refractive error, computer vision testing, neurological assessment, and a detailed internal and external ocular health examination. You will also be carefully evaluated for many eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and retinal vascular diseases.

Contact Lens Services

Contact Lens Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb, Ciba VisionWe pride ourselves on finding the perfect contact lens for each patient.  We sell many popular brands in our office.  We welcome hard-to-fit patients who were previously unsuccessful in wearing contact lenses.

Our specialty:

  • Toric / Astigmatism Fittings
  • Multifocal / Bifocal Fittings
Pediatric Eye Care

Pediatric Eyecare from Duncan Eye CareDid you know that during your child's first twelve years, nearly 80% of learning depends upon their visual sense?  An important part of your child's overall health maintenance program is regular professional vision care.  Because you can't look through your child's eyes, it's impossible to accurately judge how well he or she sees.  The only way to be sure that vision is developing normally is provide your child a comprehensive vision analysis by an eyecare professional.

Unless a need is identified earlier, your child should be given his or her first comprehensive eye examination by the age of three.  The child's eyes should be examined again before entering school.  Do not confuse a vision screening, a brief check which tests how well a child sees an eye chart from a distance of 20 feet, with a comprehensive examination.  Problems with near vision, eye coordination, and focusing are among the many problems not identified in a 20/20 screening.

Optical Eye Care - Eye Wear Frames and Fitting

Large Selection of Eye Wear Frames at Duncan Eye Care

We have a full service optical boutique offering the latest in high fashion exclusive eyewear.

Our staff has over 40 years of combined experience. Our opticians provide you with the level of personal attention and assistance not found anywhere else.

Glasses have recently become a fashion accessory. We have a selection of frames to help you look great and feel terrific about your new glasses. Many different designers are available for your selection. Let us help you find the best pair of glasses you've ever had.

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